The legend of Il Sonnambulo first arose in the late 1600’s, with a series of horrific murders by a “veiled, sleepwalking, figure.”  In 1873, Albert Drummond-Sykes first documented the killer in his book Of Human Detritus. The self-professed anthropologist described a “refined, silent gentleman, replete with top hat and cane, who stalked sleeping Venetian infants in the night.” Sykes named the infamous killer after the fretful whisperings of Venetian mothers: Il Sonnambulo, “The Sleepwalker.”  

An almost mythological killer, Il Sonnambulo sits in the same pantheon as the Loch Ness Monster, Dracula and Jack the Ripper.  Terrorising Europe for generations, he is said to traipse the vicinity of crimes as though ‘sleepwalking’, piercing the night with the blood chilling three-tap rhythm of his cane.



Atticus Hurst

Brilliant, lecherous, Atticus Hurst - fêted photographer, notorious provocateur - is in London chasing down his one and only muse, the serial-killing Il Sonnambulo. Charming the charmed and doing as he pleases, Atticus is beholden to no one except his own glittering, scandalous legacy. This renegade pirate photographer also happens to be the foremost authority on the phenomenon of  Il Sonnambulo. What separates him from folklore however, are the very real horror-show crime scenes cropping up all over London, scarring the collective consciousness of the civilized world.


Roberto Aurelio

Ambitious and un-emcumbered by humility, Roberto Aurelio has suffered from a scattered focus that has not quite led him to the career  acclaim he craves. Recommitting himself to the risky road of gonzo journalism by proving himself during a stint in Syria, he is determined to carve a name for himself. Possessed of an unshakeable belief in his right to a story, and the nerve to follow through, Roberto uses his position at a hipster magazine to track his biggest quarry yet: the notorious Atticus Hurst. 


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Il Sonnambulo Sound Track

by William Yates

'The Sleepwalker' Title Track, Il Sonnambulo. 

Written and performed by Will Yates.



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